Welcome to Astral Descent!

We are currently recruiting all people with at least 1 level 50 job.


No multi-shelling with other end-game shells. Those that need a definition of what end game shells are, are shells that do instances, HNM's, and end-game story. ( If this pertains to your character you must choose. NO EXCEPTIONS. )
Social shells are permitted. i.e. close group of friends, crafting shells, or personal

LS Events

Scheduled LS Events should be considered important, meaning members should make every effort to come. Remember these events benefit not just your ls members but you as well.
People that RSVP for scheduled events will be given priority to being in the raid party. If you RSVP and will be late or on later please state a time that you are free in your RSVP notes. You will be insured a spot in the party at your time of arrival replacing someone who did not RSVP.
In the event that you do not make it into a raid party during a scheduled LS event or not, pick up groups are allowed pending that you must wear the AD crest at all times.
In the event that a party is short a spot and you are free or asked to come to fill a role, you should make it priority in whatever it is your doing. You can always go back to crafting, gathering, leveling because raid and instance parties are not always there while the others are. So take the oppurtunity if it is given to you for who knows when it will come again.


Loot will be given out according to a characters primary and secondary job.
Everyone that is a ls member has an EQUAL oppurtunity for loot no matter of status or amount of time they've been in the ls.
If the loot for the primary and secondary jobs have been fulfilled throughout the party then those with another 50 may vye for loot.
If no one in the party is in need or want of the loot then it can be passed down to a member that is on probationary status.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.